Monthly Archives: September 2014

Just a little Air

Once in a while we find ourselves in situations where no matter what is said or done, there always seems to be discord around us. Is it us that create it or is it the time and place we find ourselves. I can think of several good examples of discordant situations I have found myself and the affects of both.Some years ago, I would have to go to a p … continue reading

Full Sail Ahead

It appears that as summer fades, the buyers are out on their search to be into their new homes before hard winter arrives. It is pretty much a yearly occurrence; some years being more pronounced than others. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the degree of activity this time of year over other years. I smile to myself in seeing how some buyers … continue reading

The Peaceable Kingdom

I was showing a home today and while I was ready to get in my car, I was called after by a woman who was walking down the sidewalk. I stopped and waited for her to approach. I likely would have driven away had I known what she was about to say to me. I was a bit taken back by her greeting which was, “Well hello Mr. Joe “crapehanger” Chodur. … continue reading

A very old Visitor

I had the most delightful opportunity to take a photo of a Cicada today. I heard it making its unbelievably loud mating noise and followed the sound until I found it hanging on the side of a building. With what little research I did, this is one of the stragglers of either the 13 or 17 year Cicada brood that is going through its life cycle this yea … continue reading

Wrong Person

I know we’ve all had those moments in our lives when we have either mis-identified someone as being a person they indeed are not, or other people mis-identifying us as being someone other than ourselves.I think back on the most embarrassing moments when I’ve called the wrong number given and after a longer than appropriate conversation, the p … continue reading

Corny Day

I can certainly say a number of events were more than a bit on the colorful side for me today. I even checked to see if there was a full moon approaching due to some of the things I was seeing and experiencing. I ran into a business person downtown during the noon hour and with tongue in cheek, I shared with her some of the recent experiences. We b … continue reading

Breakfast on the Run

Sometimes Sunday morning can be a bit more hectic than regular week day mornings. What I especially appreciate about early Sunday morning is the lack of traffic on the highways as well as downtown. The character of the drive downtown is different in that one doesn’t have to be watching the traffic as closely which gives a more leisure feel to the … continue reading

Hearts of Gold

Have you ever encountered people in your lives who are plain and simply nice? I use the word nice in a bit of an old-fashioned sense in that no matter what type of situation you find them in, they always seem to gravitate towards the brighter side of the moment. They smile a lot and give of themselves more, and even laugh a great deal about simple … continue reading

Don’t Die

Once in a while I get into a conversation with someone about something that was either built or re-stored by a person with great artistic or technical ability. More times than I care to speak, my response is an unfortunate reminder that the person we were talking about is deceased.I had some specialty metal work done by an elderly gentleman who h … continue reading

Monuments of our Past

From the moment I walked into my office early this morning, I felt as though I was on the fast track of keeping my scheduled appointments without being late in spite of the above normal interruptions and additional walk-ins. I was somewhat proud of myself for having only been eight minutes late for an afternoon listing appointment due to an extende … continue reading