Monthly Archives: September 2014

Last Dooryard Bloom

As I caught myself coming and going again these last days of the month I stepped back this afternoon and said to myself, "Remember Mr. Chodur to be ever thankful for the good business that Mason City and North Iowa has given you." I say that as a simple reminder when all of us at times find ourselves being pushed a bit more than we like simply to m … continue reading

September’s End

I had a great opportunity to take some photos of the area around East Park early yesterday morning. The temperature was pleasant and since it was an early Sunday morning, there were very few people out and about. There was just a smattering of walkers and runners and but a few automobiles in motion, but besides that, there was simply the quiet orch … continue reading


An absolute picture perfect day for being the 28th day of September. Let's all hope that the days of October will be similarly beautiful. I consider each day that is pleasant during this time of year means we will have one more day free of cold weather in the coming months.I had some work with customers this afternoon and shared a few laughs abou … continue reading

Never so Often

Too many times of late I've heard the sad stories of what happened to people during the mortgage crisis that started in 2007. Believe it or not, we are still not through the final liquidation of those assets.Each month I see foreclosures come on the market and get sold in a relatively short period if time at likely 50% or more discount from what … continue reading

Clean Dirt or Dirty Dirt

I promised myself some time ago that I would write about some of the experiences I've had over the years with people who think they have clean homes and apartments when in fact, they simply do the once-over wipe of anything that is glaring at them, or removing a layer of dust in which one could clearly write their name. It's unfortunate that much o … continue reading

Two Magpies

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit with a gentleman whom I had not spoken with in a very great number of years. I knew I would see him so I promised myself that I would be courteous. We happened to attend the same high school but were several grades apart so really didn't have much contact. Once in a while we would likely see each other in a ha … continue reading

If you Care then Share

After the past two grueling days of continuing education classes, I discovered yet again how the world around us is changing. I found the presenting instructor very knowledgeable and filled with many true stories of unfortunate happenings in the field of real estate.One of the classes was on Ethics and how it is should be put to use in our indust … continue reading

Fatal Financial Forecasting

Not but a week ago I happened to read an article on the internet news about how so many millions of people get themselves in financial trouble. Two of the major culprits they spoke about were not really knowing what their hard monthly expenses are as well as creating long term debt without factoring in possible unexpected expenses that often arise … continue reading

Oh Deer!

I'm sure you've all read stories about some of the strange happenings in Anchorage Alaska with the wildlife entering the city and creating a bit of a nuisance. From bears to moose, I've seen a few discomforting photos of them in residential areas of the city and I think I would likely want to look both ways before going out my front door. I am in t … continue reading

Mixed Company

While out showing an acreage today, I had one of the most delightful encounters with some roadside poultry. When driving to the acreage I noticed a homesite that had a few chickens running around outside. After I showed my buyer the acreage, I drove back the same way I came and noticed that there were more chickens and to my surprise, two turkeys i … continue reading