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Perhaps this Time

Your browser does not support the audio element.For being a Sunday, it seemed as though the hours went flying past and suddenly I realized it was time to call it a day. I would say I was doing about as much manual labor as mental so I dare say it was one of those rare days of being in balance.When doing manual labor and not being plugged into … continue reading

Go make a Difference

Living in the turbulent times that we do with what seems to be nearly every continent having political upheavals, I can't help but wonder, "What next?" I recently spoke with a dear and very intelligent friend whom I've known for some years about the global crisis we are experiencing in these times. One statement he made really went to the bone wh … continue reading


Certainly we've all noticed when interacting with the general public, we find definite differences in their general behavior. We have those who move from place to place with a more rapid step; often leaving you to wonder if they are late for a very important date. It's almost as if they're biologically geared at all times in the speed of high. I wa … continue reading

At the End of the Day

Earlier this week I met with a gentleman whom I've known of for number of years through his family. I assisted his mother and stepfather purchase and sell several homes over the years and also worked with his sister. Some fifteen years later I became more acquainted with him while helping him purchase a home here in Mason City. He's the type of guy … continue reading


Yesterday, someone started talking about the interesting yet subtle use of threes in our daily lives. The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize how much we put the idea of threes to use in normal conversations. In the past I've read about the significance of threes in the ancient world. The Egyptian's use of threes was widespread in … continue reading


If there were yet one thing that makes a home less than attractive is the sightings of paint drips and over-painting on door frames and baseboards. Last week I went to inspect a paint job of a home that is being readied for sale and was a bit shocked by the sloppy paint job. The owner had have the home cleaned, so I suggested having the cleaning pe … continue reading

Copy Cats

I have decided over these years of being around sellers and their pets; their four-legged family members start taking on some of the characteristics of their two-legged house mates. Many years ago I was called to list the home of a couple who decided it was time to sell. When I arrived at their home and pushed the door bell, I could hear angry bark … continue reading

Only Originals Will Do

I'm sure you've all been around people who for some reason or other are have little or no ability to create something without having to look for someone other's creation from which to copy. Seems whenever reading the financial section of the news, there is some person or company suing another person or corporation for copyright infringement. It se … continue reading

Amber Evening

Last night was one of those rare nights that I'm sure we've all experienced living in North Iowa. Just before sunset, due to the particles in the air and likely a very thin cloud cover, for only about 5 to 10 minutes, the sun cast an amber glow everywhere. It made one think he was in some sort of surrealistic world. It was so distinct last night, … continue reading

Baptism by Fire

This afternoon a gentleman arrived at the office to do some measuring so he can give me a bid for work I want completed at the office. I ran into him downtown about a month ago and he informed me that he decided to open his own business after years of being with a company that worked him hard and paid him less. I know the owner of that company and … continue reading