Monthly Archives: July 2014

Primeval Fire

Several evenings ago I was invited to a gathering of people who were celebrating a family birthday and discovered they were as well having a recreational fire. Indeed everyone was enjoying the merriment along with telling stories around the fire. I found myself being pulled into the storytelling along with a handful of others.It's interesting how … continue reading

Summer Breezes

Some days everything just starts out wrong to the point were you think some power that be creates a dark cloud overhead. Driving down the highway quite early this morning with nearly no soul in sight, I was placed into a tense situation where an 18 wheeler pulled out of a factory almost right in front of me. Thank goodness there were no other cars … continue reading

The Beauty and The Beast

According to the University of Iowa Extension, our fair State is being invaded by a plant when in bloom, most would consider quite lovely. I have seen it more frequently these past ten years and every time I do, I think of several stories told me in recent years.  The common name of the plant is Wild Parsnip. It is a biennial which means it goes t … continue reading

The Pure Innocence of 298

When I happened upon the news feed yesterday of the downed Malaysian jetliner, a great sadness came over me. I didn't want to think about it too much in an attempt to get through the work day. This morning I was again confronted with more news of yet another 21st Century example of the sheer evil that lives in today's world. It caused me to remembe … continue reading

Re-birth of a Neighborhood

Not so many months ago a small group of people came together after discovering there would be a window of opportunity to purchase some very dilapidated homes close to the central business district of Mason City. Being in real estate for so many years, I have watched those once-upon-a-time grand East State Street homes fall into dis-repair along wit … continue reading

Field of Dreams

When we have such beautiful days as these past have been, it seems we wonder where the hours have gone as evening approaches. I've had my transom widows open at the office and the fresh cool air flowing through has been delightful. The volunteer gardeners have been at work downtown in the flower beds. After they left my block, I could see a great i … continue reading

Under the Radar Value

A little over a month ago I listed a home on the east side of Mason City that I thought would sell rather quickly but for some reason or other, the prospective buyers who crawl through the internet looking at photos of homes don't look at the whole picture of this property. This home is located a stone's throw from Stone Pillar where nearly all the … continue reading

Our Best Behavior

With the welcome cool weather today, I was busy getting some outside errands done. The clear sky and cool dry wind from the North created another nearly perfect day. The mosquitos were not even so much of a bother like they have been for over a week. They really are thick this year with the humidity and rain creating a perfect climate for breeding. … continue reading

Big Blue At Its Best

For years I have heard the most delightful stories of the happenings at one of the most talked about parks here in Mason City which for some reason doesn't get as much publicity as one would think due to the number of people who frequent the park as well as fish and swim in its two man made lakes. The park I speak about is Lester Milligan Park whic … continue reading

Shock Collars

If there were any times when I grit my teeth and force myself to smile, is when people arrive at public open houses who are about as far away from being capable of obtaining financing on that given property as my being able to swim the English Channel. I had that happen not long ago with some people arriving at an open home whom I had visited with … continue reading