Monthly Archives: July 2014

Caught in Time

One of the homes I have listed which for no fault of its own, has not received much attention since I listed it about a month ago. I'm pretty confident the reason it hasn't been noticed is that it is on a dead end street on the west end of Plymouth. The current owners have lived there for over 20 years and raised their family there. Since they've o … continue reading

A Glass of Water

The hectic last days of the month remind me when I was working in the accounting department of a bank so terribly many years ago. It was always the last and first days of the month that were hectic and everyone had to pull together and get things done because of the extra volume as well as the extra reports that had to be created. Preparation as we … continue reading

Better than New

I had an opportunity today to view a home that I sold a customer some months ago. It is a restoration/upgrade in progress that I have become quite amazed with how the owner is bringing that unbelievably well constructed home back to its original beauty and then some. They managed to purchase it at a severe discount due to the neglect that took plac … continue reading

Mabel Up

I just happened to be going back in my office this morning when I glanced back to the street and noticed someone riding a bike with one of those child pull-behinds attached to it with a dog riding in it. I began to turn away when I noticed the person riding the bike to be a gentleman that I know. His intention was just to go down Federal Ave. but w … continue reading

Pulling Ourselves Up

The welcome northerly wind has brought us drier air and cooler temperatures. I was in a grove of trees today where I was out of the wind and sun and found myself surrounded by a swarm of deer flies and mosquitos. I love trees but when there is under growth and the canopy of the trees are too low, there becomes a sanctuary for insects that bite. Dee … continue reading

That Open Window

As chance would have it with my schedule today, most of the people at those appointments were elderly people. I have come to the conclusion that many of the general population don't care to be around the elderly for a very long period of time. I think it's because they haven't had any real long term connections. With the technology driven mobile so … continue reading

Fully Family Friendly

If ever there were a home that I believed would sell out of the gates, it would be a listing I will be hosting a public open house on tomorrow which is located at 1403 S. Kentucky. But to my unfortunate understanding of the way most buyers look at a home, is the painting and decorating and sometimes the furnishings that trigger interest in a given … continue reading

I Never Met a Camera

I was especially anxious to get downtown this morning to see the bicyclists getting on their way to their next stop. I had forgotten that there were a number of generous families who opened their homes to the riders as I was seeing cyclists coming from the directions of the suburbs. Everywhere I looked I found them busily on their way which caused … continue reading

The Welcome of RAGBRAI

The day started a bit early for me to get to the office and find a place to park away from the cordoned off streets in the Historic Downtown area. Fortunately I was able to find a parking place in one of the public parking lots about a block from my office building. I took care of some errands and phone calls before I changed my clothes and went ou … continue reading

Ready for the Herd

It was certainly an interesting day in the Downtown today. People were scurrying about placing trash and bottle bins about while the street sweepers were going up and down the avenues one last time. Others were out washing windows, sweeping, and setting up signage for tomorrow's guests. Everyone seemed as though they had something else on their min … continue reading