Monthly Archives: June 2014

Onward and Upward

Today, my morning began with the usual early preparations for another Monday. I can understand why some businesses are not open on Monday due to the weekend business activity. It seems there's a great number of decisions made in households over the weekend which prompts people to call on Monday.I received a call from a client asking if I would he … continue reading

Behind the Screen

As the cell phones are becoming more sophisticated with their touch screens as well as voice activation, I'm finding a large number of people texting rather than calling. About 4 years ago, I had to switch cell phone services, purchase a new phone, and make sure the plan I purchased was on unlimited monthly texting. Most of this was done due the in … continue reading

White Noise

Every so often we encounter people whom we either automatically connect with, or we instantly find ourselves filled with a desire to become distant. Some have said it is a sub-conscious reaction whereby that person has some core reminder in them of their being something about that person which awakens a bad situation or unfortunate relationship tha … continue reading

Onion Patch

In my article yesterday, I spoke about how we should all work towards doing the absolute best no matter what job we are performing. Absolute perfection will always be just out of our grasp, yet to work towards making something the best gives us a true sense of accomplishment.For more years than I can remember, there was a gentleman who always had … continue reading

Best Foot Forward

As I look around Mason City and envision myself as one of the RAGBRAI bicyclers arriving in Mason City for the first time, I begin to notice things that I would be a bit turned off when taking a closer look. Our downtown is making good progress in upgrading as well as restoring the centuries old buildings as well as the streets and landscapes. The … continue reading

Window World

I know I've mentioned a number of times in previous articles the importance of light in living areas and workplaces. Today, I went out and inspected a home that one of my clients is working on and was very impressed with the new windows that have been installed. They were not your cheap run-of-the mill vinyl replacement windows, but rather the high … continue reading

Brick Walls

In my out and about day today, I happened upon a brick wall of a building that is likely over 100 years old. In looking at it more closely, I was taken back in time about 20 years when I worked out of another old building that is no longer standing in the downtown. The downtown Fareway Store's parking lot is where that building stood.In the back … continue reading

Babbling Gibberish

I can't begin to mention how many times I will answer a phone call and the caller is speaking in a distinct fractured English. There are sentences that are not finished, double negating, incorrect conjugation of verbs, and often sprinkled with an over-abundance of slang. I'm finding it more the norm rather than the exception. While working on a mu … continue reading

Swing of the Pendulum

Some say our lives are pre-destined and that's all we are doing is just living out the play of our lives that were already written for us before we were born. Others have said that each and every moment of our lives are filled with choice, and by being in that constant state of the flip of the coin, we are creating an ad-lib play of our own lives. … continue reading

Good Deed Day

Most times we find our days starting out in the most seemingly normal ways. We go through the motions of our morning rituals of preparing ourselves for the outside world and for whatever reason, little annoying things start happening that seem to continue to build upon each other. From making a wrong turn, having a dropped cell phone call, to havin … continue reading