Monthly Archives: May 2014

The New Entrepreneurs

Just this past year I've been finding there to be more of an abundance of people opening their own businesses. From real estate agents deciding to open their own offices, to flower and garden shops. Believe me, this is a very good thing for our community. It shows there to be a desire to create and build in an area they believe to be a business fri … continue reading

Cheap Talk and Broken Promises

The lively days of summer are now upon us with all the pent-up energy from last winter beginning to take action. I see runners, walkers, bikers and skateboarders out and about the city. For me today, it seemed I was always about 10 minutes between the next appointment. I was proud of myself for not missing or being late for any of them.As the mar … continue reading

Opportunity is Knocking

Today I listed a three story building in the heart of downtown Mason City. With the completion of the Streetscape project on Federal Ave and the Main Street grants underway, we are seeing the whole district being transformed into a vibrant place to work and live. Each year I find more and more real growth taking place downtown. This particular buil … continue reading

Adversity sometimes Creates Miracles

Someone commented some weeks ago on a certain family I'm acquainted with here in Mason City. The thrust of the conversation was how surprised they were at how well the children of that particular family had become so successful. Since I've worked with so many hundreds of families over the years, I've discovered that sometimes, when a young family i … continue reading

Dysfunctional Reality

So terribly many times I have cautioned buyers—especially the first time buyers, about making extensive improvements to homes they purchase. Too many times I have seen unfortunate end results of homes coming back on the market one or two years later that have been altered to a point of non-recognition. Last month, I showed a home that was on the … continue reading

If Only We Could Remember…

Another beautiful day in North Iowa and indeed glad for it because of it being Memorial Day. I met with one of the most dear customers whom I hope to stay in contact with after the closing of the sale of her purchase. She is indeed one of the very few people I've become acquainted with who has likely lived a hell on earth, yet continues to be posit … continue reading

Silent Sunday

It was quite surprising to find so little activity in and around the city today. I think yesterday's festivities must have tired everyone out and they were staying inside. It's good to have days of rest like these more often. Too many people believe they have to be in a constant state of going here or there rather than spending more time on the hom … continue reading

Seventy-six Trombones

Today was a most delightful day. I made sure to set aside time to see the Band Festival Parade. The weather was perfect with a gentle breeze and full sun. It has been several years since I spent a great deal of time standing on Pennsylvania Ave. with camera in hand and taking a number of photos. I can say without a doubt that there were some reall … continue reading

Pirates sailing the Internet

One of my dear elderly clients called me today to have me stop over and look at a letter she received that she didn't quite understand. She didn't sound concerned on the phone yet by the call, I figured it was important, as she normally doesn't bother about day to day happenings.When I arrived after exchanging greetings, she handed me a letter ad … continue reading

The Smells of Summer

Yesterday as well as today were two of the most beautiful days of the year thus far. I am looking forward to many days like these in the months to come. I was shocked to find Lilacs blooming at one of the homes I was showing today. Oh, how the smell of them brings back such delightful memories of years past. I can remember when I was young picking … continue reading