Monthly Archives: April 2014

Repo Mania

These past three months I've noticed a number of foreclosures coming on the market here in North Iowa. Unfortunately we are not over the liquidation of homes that were purchased in those years of easy money. For a time, I used to say nearly anyone who could sign their name seemed to be able to get a loan. I'm glad I didn't encourage marginal buyers … continue reading

Only the Kindest of Thoughts

Yet another cold and rainy day hovering over North Iowa has likely caused us to believe real Spring has forgotten to arrive. I spoke with a client who lives in Rochester today who didn't hesitate to tell me that it was snowing while we were speaking. I guess I must remember that others can have it even worse. Since my internet was down earlier this … continue reading

It’s Only Stuff

As the years have passed, I'm discovering how deeply imbedded our society has become with the idea of acquiring more things. When I say things, I mean the excess clothing hanging in closets that are nearly never worn, the wall to wall furniture, the knick knacks in curio cabinets and table tops, and all the other stuff that society has convinced us … continue reading

Water World

The wind last night had a strength beyond normal for this time of year. It sounded like an Alberta Clipper moving thru during a January blizzard. I certainly didn't expect the on and off downpours we had starting this morning. Some of the intersections still have water standing in them. With the wind at its strength, the rain seemed more driving th … continue reading

The Best Revenge

I know our times have changed and we have to deal with it, but I still can't get my mind wrapped around the way in which people can flip-flop with their intentions of doing something or not doing something. We all have been around those who are always in the state of using others. I'll never forget a client/customer of years ago who was buying and … continue reading

Coming back to Life

Nearly a perfect North Iowa day happened today and hopefully there will be many more to come. The memories of this past winter are still fresh in our minds and likely won't be forgotten any time soon. I spoke with an appraiser today about how weak the real estate sales were during the past winter months. His statistics confirmed that it was one of … continue reading

The Wheel that Squeaks the Most

I know times have changed and people have changed, but I have yet to get accustomed to the way service people as well as municipalities conduct themselves. Not so many weeks ago, a client was attempting to have some work done on a home they were preparing for sale. It soon became evident that getting qualified people to come and make the necessary … continue reading

Winds of Change

We seemed to be experiencing an upside-down Spring day today. I should have dressed warmer due to the extra chilly north wind. I went out to take photos of a duplex that I will be posting for rent tomorrow and was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the unit. The owner said they'd made some major updates on the unit but I didn't realize to wha … continue reading

Better Now than Later

I was out on a pre-listing appointment this morning with a client whom I've known for some years. He and his wife are the most delightful people and I will be sad to see them leave the area. Mason City as a whole will feel the affects of their departure due to the amount of community service they have provided over the years. To give greatly and fr … continue reading

Mixed Messages

We unfortunately live in a society today where we find ourselves side-stepping direct questions and answers due to the fear of being reproached for not being politically correct. More and more I encounter people not willing to give direct answers to simple questions. When they do answer, I find their responses bordering on cryptic. It comes as no s … continue reading