Monthly Archives: March 2014

Discordant Chatter

Whenever I've had an epiphany about something, it seems to be hard-coded into my brain and when I find myself in a situation where that newly realized attribute occurs, I bristle. There are always those people around us that have their little quirks and we learn to accept them because they are who they are and likely they consider us to have our sl … continue reading

Lone Explorer

I had an opportunity to show a property today that evoked memories of other special places I've visited in the past. I'm convinced there are certain sites all around the globe that seem to hold a singular essence of space. For example, whenever people travel to the Grand Canyon and look over the rim and see the majesty of it all, nearly everyone wa … continue reading

The Beauty of One

I had a great conversation with a designer today that re-affirmed a belief with me that most people are copy-cats. The general populous seem to want pretty much the same thing that everyone else has. The most recent thing that comes to mind is the smart phone rage. Everyone has to have one because everyone else has one. I think of it as the “herd … continue reading

A work of Art

I listed a home today that is located on Briarstone Lake here in Mason City. I can say without question that this home's design must have been years in the planning and design stage. From the first time I walked through the property, I found there to be a real “feel” of the careful placement of windows and flow. It is an expanded version of wha … continue reading

Pastel Days

Most people would have considered today one of those dark and dreary rainy days that one can't wait to end. Indeed I was happy to see it raining rather than snowing. I'll likely never forget the snow storm we had the first of May last year which left inches of snow cone snow on the ground. I had an appointment today to take photos of a new listing … continue reading

Enough is Never Enough

One of the anomalies of these past 10 years that I've found quite interesting is that people are becoming hoarders. When I use the term hoarders I mean it in a broad sense. To begin with, whenever you're driving around the city in this time when there are no leaves on the trees and shrubs, you'll notice far more “stuff” around homes and garages … continue reading

A Blank Canvas

These past days I have been showing properties in some of the price ranges where you find homes that are well built and have pretty much all the major updates done but they are in dire need of cosmetics. It's becoming more and more evident as the years go by that the average buyer cannot look past the existing visuals of a home.A home that I show … continue reading

No Time Zones

Today I showed a home in a condition that was to say the least, appalling. For me it's an embarrassment when showing buyers these types of homes. How can someone make excuses for likely years of neglect?  Fortunately it wasn't my listing so I could speak more freely with the buyers. The previous residents must have been heavy smokers, bubbling gre … continue reading


As Spring and summer is approaching, I couldn't help but think forward of people complaining about their problem with bugs. Often times when showing homes I happen to notice bottles of insect repellants and bug killers. I can't believe how the general population have become so paranoid about bugs. Many of the exterminators have made good livings wi … continue reading

Under the Stars

One night this past week as I was coming home, I noticed how clear the night sky was. One can't help but notice the grandeur of creation. I couldn't help but thinking how so many people don't take the time to notice such things. Unfortunately we all seem to be caught up in the gerbil mill of playing keep up with all the daily duties we've imposed u … continue reading