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Open Houses Saturday and Sunday Mar. 01st & 02nd

On Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM Holtz Realty will be offering 1108 N. Adams, Mason City, IAIn spite of March coming in like a lion, make sure you take the time to view this top of the line two story that has not been on the market in over a half century. You'll see why the family owned it for so long due to the quality, comfort and convenience … continue reading

Thick Ice and Thin Nerves

This past work week has been beastly to say the least. Each morning when I got in my car and headed off to work, I found the temp below zero. The gale force wind last night was also quite annoying. Even the older people I've visited with about this winter agree that they don't remember a winter with as much snow, as much extended cold, and lastly t … continue reading

Only Once

I am believing more and more that we are living in a society that encourages parents as well as their children to be under the belief that they are owed a living by the remainder of society. Too often over these past years I've sold investment property to investors which at times had tenants living in them who were on some type of government assist … continue reading


Too many of us have become slaves to the externals around us. I'm still not yet in understanding of how so many people can find so little to do with themselves in their free time. We are rapidly loosing the ability to envision—especially the young. Within my profession as a Realtor, I'm finding fewer people looking beyond what is in a particular … continue reading

Ice Peckers

Today was one of the worst days of ice covered streets and sidewalks that I have experienced in years.  Because it has been so cold after our most recent wet snow storm, the snow has turned to snow packed ice. Too many times these past two days I have seen so many people sliding through intersections with their vehicles due their not being able to … continue reading

Naughty Monkeys

I'm sure everyone who's been reading my past articles remember me speaking about the naughty monkeys in our society. Well, after one of the happenings today, I guess everyone should have an idea what I consider some of their actions. With this horrible snow storm and people being without power for hours and the snow plows working likely all night, … continue reading

Open Houses Saturday and Sunday Feb. 22nd & 23rd

On Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM Holtz Realty will be offering 233 - 10th NW, Mason City, IAThe tilt-in thermal windows offering oodles of natural light is just one of the many features this 3+ bedroom home has to offer. Upon entering this home, you'll realize how well it has been cared for since the current owner's purchase in 1960. There's gor … continue reading

Thunder Snow

I can describe today's weather in one word, and that is CRAZY! I could tell we were headed for a pounding today by the very dark clouds in the south early this morning when it was growing lighter. I hurried to get as many of the errands done before it started. I get very nervous and anxious for people out driving and working in this stuff as well a … continue reading

The Herd Mentality

I do hope the “thunder snow storm” that is expected to start hitting us tonight won't be as bad as some have predicted. We need to get the first time buyers out of their cabins and start some real house hunting without being held back by these sweeping weather changes. I can't believe how low the 30 year fixed home mortgage rates are right now. … continue reading