Monthly Archives: December 2013

Out of the Box

Every time I find myself at the Eve of the New Year, I begin reminiscing of the happenings of the past year. If everyone would stop and consider the joys and sorrows of a soon to be year gone by, they would perhaps encourage themselves to do just a bit better. We as humans can't normally make great changes overnight because we set ourselves up for … continue reading

Reflections of the Future

I've had sales this year to some of the most delightful young people. I was reminded of that today when one of the buyers arrived filled with excitement about the progress he's been making on his new home. The photos he provided of one of the rooms showed he was already making great progress as well as taking care about the details. The details are … continue reading

Wishing Well

There have been of late some interesting articles written about how families as well as groups of people and even entire communities have been studied in the areas of how they perceive themselves and those around them. What some of the researchers have found is that for some reason, there seems to be some sort of unknown force that affects people a … continue reading


I encountered several people over these past days that I haven't seen in many years. The first one is a gentleman who raised his family and is looking at going into something smaller and more maintenance free. He and his wife want to travel more and don't want to be tied down to a larger home and yard as well as worry about it while away for weeks. … continue reading

Just a Job

Long ago and far away I once knew a young man who was twenty-something and just happened to be hired at a branch office of a corporate bank to help with the back room check processing and cash balancing. He'd had experience working in that area before but more of the downstream end process of the check processing and accounting. We used to visit ab … continue reading

A New Beginning

My early afternoon was busy with showing homes to a young gentleman who is moving here from southeastern Minnesota due a new job that he has accepted. So very refreshing to find twenty-something people who are kind, considerate and very much into the natural beauty of the great outdoors. I spent extra time showing him the parks and bike trails that … continue reading

Snowgoyles and Sunscapes

Prior to my return home this morning after going to church and stopping by the office for a minute, I began paying keen attention to the snow world around me that was created by the light and fluffy snow we received starting last evening. I guess there were more people wishing for a white Christmas this year because we were not forecasted to get an … continue reading

From My home to Yours

On this Eve of Christmas, I've found myself again reflecting on both this past year's failures and accomplishments. For better or worse, being a Realtor in this brutally competitive market one finds at times that even if you've known all the answers before the questions were asked, it's not enough. If you've long ago made a personal commitment to p … continue reading

Can’t Stop Waiting

Each year when preparing for Christmas, it seems we can't work fast enough to get everything done that we want in time for the day to arrive. The interruptions during this time seem to be more frequent as well. I get a bit angry at myself for thinking I remember everyone and their addresses at my fingertips. Well, that often is not the case and sub … continue reading

Connecting the Dots

There are times during the week when I see situations with people that cause a bit of sadness with me. I speak about how some people are so much into themselves and/or their immediate families and circle of friends that they become blind to the people around them. I notice it more during Winter than other times of the year because many of us just d … continue reading