Monthly Archives: November 2013

Reaching Out

This is most of all the time of year that we must continue in Mason City and North Iowa to reach out to others. As more and more people are living alone, along with new members of our community, I can assure you that their sense of loneliness is more heightened. I have this past year worked with a handful of people moving here from out of State and … continue reading

Good Years and Bad

Some writings have mentioned that we all in our lives go thru decades of things seemingly going well and others filled with above normal struggles. It has also been said that we endure nearly all of the life's sorrows either in our youth, our middle years, or in our end years. Having worked with so many families over these long years of being a Rea … continue reading

On a Clear Day

We all here in North Iowa should consider ourselves terribly lucky in not having to fight with treacherous weather while traveling to loved ones for Thanksgiving celebrations. Yes, it is cold and windy but at least the sun is shining. Our family has, and likely always will attend a church service on Thanksgiving. While at the church early this morn … continue reading

Giving Thanks

I do hope everyone here in Mason City and North Iowa make time tomorrow to take a moment during their get togethers with family and friends and reflect on all the things that we have to be thankful for in our lives. Mason City is on the threshold of moving to the next level of progress in our downtown area as well as the community as a whole. I hav … continue reading

A Family Death

Today was a sad day for me. I attended a memorial service for the son of a previous employer. I spent more than a decade working for that company and became very well acquainted with the owner. We experienced many great highs and deep lows in that close working relationship. Most people never really understand how much we become inter-twined in fam … continue reading

Second hand Rose

I used to love to listen to some of the old Vaudeville style pieces of music that at times seemed a bit schmaltzy yet uplifting. When our family was all together living on the farm, we spent Sunday afternoons either listening to music or making music. I will never forget one of my older brothers being so angry at me for playing over and over again … continue reading

Winter’s Chill

Don't we all wish our blood would thicken overnight and we are automatically used to these cold days? We seem to hold our coats tighter and walk a little faster to escape the evil winds blowing thru our community. As I have mentioned in a past article, the one thorn of living in our most endearing North Iowa is when Winter arrives. I have a client … continue reading

Grease Bombs

I had an opportunity to view a home today that was quite the sight. After so often the times I have viewed living quarters like these, I think to myself, “Are these people really blind to their surroundings.” The general living area was not in the best of states, but the kitchen was what really gave me a bit of a jaw drop. The sink appeared as … continue reading


OPEN HOUSE Saturday November 23th 1:00 – 3:00 PM at: 935 - 8th St. SECome take a look at this “surprise of the east side” below market value 3 bedroom ranch home. This home has been on the market far too long due to the general public of late thinking everything has to be HD TV perfect. Well, I hope the intelligent buyers do realize that … continue reading


It has yet again been confirmed that my most un-liked month of the year is November. Today is the 21st day of November and it feels as though I have already endured 40 days. Since I was a but a young and impressionable child, I remember telling my Mother that I hated the month of November. She responded by saying, “What has the month of November … continue reading