Monthly Archives: September 2013

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

So very often I find in the times in which we live, people being so much of the mindset of entitlement. Every single day I see people who appear to be physically and mentally fit where they should have some sort of gainful employment. They somehow manage to become part of the government entitlement programs that give them enough for food and shelte … continue reading

Historic Business District Byways

After really looking closer at other area towns and cities, I have found that there is something really different about Mason City's Historic Business District versus other historic communities' districts.The real key difference is that Federal Ave. is not a busy street and is not real wide as I have found in other cities. Pedestrians don't like … continue reading

Lost Souls

I spent time with a client today and had an at length visit with her about her grandson. She said she was getting quite worried about him and his future. He is an only child from the marriage of her only son who divorced and re-married. The second marriage created two more children who are years younger that his son from the first marriage. The div … continue reading

Open Houses for This Weekend September 28 – 29th

Tomorrow (Saturday) Holtz Realty will be hosting the following Open Houses: 907 N. Jefferson Ave., Mason City, IAThis bank owned property has more to offer than you would ever dream. Everything has been done so you'll be ready to move into this 4 bedroom 1 ½ bath home featuring new kitchen, updated bath, new paint and floor coverings, h … continue reading

The Forgotten Benefits of Cursive

With the advent of word processors and computers as well as the new age cell phones, we are finding our world moving more and more away from cursive handwriting. Everyone has come to believe that cursive is just too time consuming as well as not having a proper standard “form” for ease of reading. I have never been a purist in wanting everythin … continue reading

Cursed Earth

It's always been an interesting observation for me over the years when I have found that there are properties here in North Iowa and likely all over the United States that seem to have gone through foreclosure more that once, twice, and even three times. Also, there are those homes where divorces seem to occur often with the families that live in t … continue reading

Get Ready Early

Every time Fall arrives we think that it will last for months, but in our area, when November 1st rolls around the weather can be good as well as ugly. We find ourselves rushing at the last days of pleasant weather doing things that could have been accomplished weeks before. When it comes to your home, it's best to start from the top down and the i … continue reading

Drop Crotch Mania

It seems today was one of those days where there were more younger men walking around town wearing the “infamous” drop crotch jeans and sportswear. Every time I see them they remind me of penguins walking. And when they are grabbing at the waistband trying to hold them up, they as well remind me of a woman wearing a long skirt trying to step up … continue reading

Remember Local First

More and more these past months I have been discovering how much local enterprise is sprouting in and around Mason City. MicroEconomics is where it all seems to start with when an upward lift in community spirits begin. Later it seems to become contagious when even the naysayers start making positive comments. When local governments become more of … continue reading

Watch out for the Buses

After so many long years of being a real estate broker, I find yet today there are still those darn buses that seem to come out of nowhere. You can be driving along minding your own business of doing your job and the next thing you know, there's the bus. What I've noticed the most is that they seem to appear when you're confident they're not around … continue reading