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935 – 8th St. SE, Mason City, IA

Holtz Realty has a 3 bedroom ranch home that is certainly priced to sell. I think the general buying public must think there is something wrong with it because of it’s pricing. Really there isn’t. The seller just wants it sold quickly. Yes, there are some cosmetic improvements that I would make if it were my home but the quality of construction … continue reading

Mindless Chatter

This week must be the high tide for those of the general public that enjoy gossip.  I find it extremely tedious listening to people who make a point of talking about people in a bad way. For example, who really should care about how much money someone has, where they do their shopping, and what make and year of car they drive? I was visiting with … continue reading

2820 – 16th St. SW, Mason City, Iowa

I’m revisiting my favorite lower priced listing again. Each time I show it to a prospective buyer, I see more and more possibilities. It reminds me of a charming weekend cottage you would find in the woods, on a lake, or on the banks of a river. The second floor bedroom is quite large and what I would do in time, is add a second 3/4 bath which wo … continue reading

Right way or No Way

In my limited free time, I have been helping a client get a home that he inherited ready for the the market. His family has been clients of mine for a very long time so I consider it a bit of a payback for all they have done for me. What I find interesting about this home versus homes of like vintage is that there have been very few updates as far … continue reading

Follow your Instincts

There is never but perhaps a week that goes by where someone is telling me about a bad choice they made when a decision was needed having to do with either something they were buying or something they were selling. I let them know that it was unfortunate as well as they were not alone in having something like that happen. I am glad to find that the … continue reading

Kernels of Comfort

If every person on this earth would just set aside perhaps 15 or 20 minutes a day without any distractions such as cell phones, music, internet, or anything that has to do with machines or man made items, then I believe our world would truly be a better place.Even with my hectic days, I attempt to take 15 or 20 minutes to just “shut down” and … continue reading

703 – 11th St. NE, Mason City IA

This address is one to indeed remember when searching for that perfect home. When people speak of looking for a place they can just relax and enjoy, I think of this delightfully charming brick home.You can tell it has always been well maintained but the current owner has taken it to the next level. It offers all new tilt-in windows, new floor co … continue reading

Think Forward

More and more these past years I have found fewer buyers and sellers stepping back a bit and considering the whole picture of where they see themselves in the next five or ten years. Since I work with the crosscut of buyers, I see the same thought processes in all age groups. For example, I am working with a couple who have two teenage children who … continue reading

The Tale of Two Listings

There are two homes that Holtz Realty has listed that should have, would have and could have been sold quite some time ago. The first one is a larger than it looks 3 bedroom ranch that was custom built back in the 1950's for a teacher. It was owned by them up until about 10 years ago when the present owner purchased it. It has a poured concrete fou … continue reading

Stand your Ground

What I find more and more troubling in our country is how people in all age groups tend to take normal meetings to just get some problems solved and turning them into dark-sided circuses. I happened to be at a meeting several days ago and was internally shocked at the vulgar language as well as the scurrilous remarks that were totally uncalled for … continue reading