Monthly Archives: August 2013

Just Do It!

Endless hours and days are spent at times listening to people who say they want this or that done, or they are planning on doing something but there is always some flimsy reason why they don't. Perhaps it's a sign of the times. The number of hours spent in debate could have been time spent towards getting a project completed. I had an appointment t … continue reading

Labor Day Weekend Open House Specials

Holtz Realty is hosting four open houses this weekend and each one of them are great values for their price ranges.The first Open House is tomorrow morning (Saturday) from 10:00 am to Noon at 530 - 20th St. SE, Mason City, IA. It just got listed and I'm confident it will sell quickly because this 3 bedroom home is clean and maintenance free. Yes, … continue reading

A Bruised Banana

I had my belly laugh today from a client whom I've been working with for some weeks. He's of the type that always looks for the better side of people in spite of their faults. I admire people like him and wish there were more. We were talking about people in general and how often times when we first meet them they appear to be delightful in all cat … continue reading

Discovering Mason City’s Parks

Since we are quickly approaching summer's end, I would encourage all of the residents of Mason City to take some time this Labor Day weekend and do a little exploring. Many of the area residents have limited knowledge of the park system we have in our city. Whenever I work with buyers from out of the area, I make sure to either drive them through E … continue reading

Going Green in Downtown…

Oh wouldn't it be perfect world for some of the fortunate homeowners who have large parcels of land close to the downtown to start selling home grown veggies and fruits to the farmer's markets?I just listed an in-town acreage today that offers all of that and more. Now don't shy away from the age. The home was built in 1900 but it has indeed been … continue reading

Henkel Constructed Home for Sale

Most people in Mason City don't realize that Henkel Construction Company in their beginnings also built homes. Well, I just listed a gorgeous brick home this afternoon that was built in 1931 by the “old” Henkel Construction Company. It is amazing! There is indeed a compact unity to the whole home. I actually didn't want to leave. The custom fea … continue reading

Lack of Incentive

One of the real problems I find in today's world and especially with the young is a diminished work ethic. I see it in the cross cut of occupations. What is even more disconcerting is that the few that are left who do have a real drive, are ostracized by their peers in the workplace as trying to “outshine” their fellow workers. I hear it more a … continue reading

Working towards a better Mason City

Each day that passes, thoughts cross my mind of ideas that would make Mason City a better place to live. Here are some of my thoughts. I would encourage our residents to work at shopping locally. On the flip side of that statement, I would encourage business owners to really work at offering more competitive prices on their goods and services. Shop … continue reading

Elder Abuse

Yesterday I had to visit the sweetest elderly lady about a rental property that I help her manage. I have only been to her home on rare occasions. She was asking me some questions about some work she had done on the exterior of her home, so I went outside and did a walk around the house paying special attention to the siding, metal soffit and facia … continue reading

Chronic Fear Factor

Again today I have experienced with a customer the lasting effects of past real estate transaction that never should have happened. Several years ago when I met her, she told me a story about a home that she and her then husband purchased from another real estate agent. I was shocked at the time in listening to the story. Actually, after she told m … continue reading