Monthly Archives: June 2013

Tips for going Green

Sharing knowledge is rewarding. There are so many people who know much but don't want to share because they believe that with that knowledge gives them extra power. Such a selfish idea when they really must understand that we all must attempt to work together in the job of living. One of my customers asked be about a week ago if I knew a plumber to … continue reading

Kernels of Kindness

Today was the Cannonball Barbeque that was sponsored by the Evening Lyons Club and HyVee.There are some elderly people that I try to do a little extra for when time permits so I purchased three tickets about a week ago and decided to use them towards a lunch for them. Well, I went there shortly after 11:00 am and they evidently were having some p … continue reading

Bouncing Ball Day

Have any of you ever had one of those days that occur in your life when you feel like you are about 15 minutes behind everything that is happening in the universe? I had one of those rare days today. Not sure how or why it happens because no matter how much you work to catch up those 15 minutes, there is always some intervening circumstance that th … continue reading

Stepping out of the Circle

I had the unfortunate opportunity to do a walk-thru on a home today that was quite the shocker. The resident has recently been moved to a nursing home. I was asked to do a valuation on the property for the fiduciary. I picked up the key and pulled up to the house which looked relatively normal on the outside. I walked up the front steps, unlocked t … continue reading

Nurturing Neighborhoods

Since the financial meltdown of 2007 and into 2008 I have noticed something that is quite disturbing.  Prior to 2007 there were distinct neighborhoods where homes held their respective values and one could be assured that unless there was some huge national employment crisis or natural catastrophe, the homes would continue to slowly but surely inc … continue reading

Evening Breezes

What a wonderful day just happened today. The sun shined nearly all day today with only a few drops of rain. I mentioned to one of the attorneys today that someone must have done something really bad here in North Iowa because we are getting continually pounded with rain. I can't remember ever being so anxious about rain as I have been this year. I … continue reading

There is great talent living in North Iowa

After a meeting with clients tonight, it has yet again been confirmed that there is talent living in Mason City and North Iowa. Yes, there are times when I have my doubts as to whether the residents of our communities have anything that sets them above the general population of the United States. There are living among us people who can take a plai … continue reading

The best of Ambassador

This morning between rain showers, I listed the absolute most beautiful condominium in the Ambassador complex on S. Tennessee Place here in Mason City. After walking thru it this morning, I said to myself, “This is about as good as it gets.” Being a country boy at heart, I couldn't believe I could actually see myself living there. The current o … continue reading

Team Work

Later this afternoon I bumped into a past client of mine and we played catch up on what's been happening with each other's lives. She mentioned that she reads some of these articles and said she wished she could have responded on the one that I talked about children becoming more specialized in their fields and not knowing how to do the basic home … continue reading

True wishers of well

In between the showers this morning I managed to sell my new listing located at 939 N. Delaware Ave here in Mason City. It didn't surprise me that it sold so quickly. It needs work but the “bones” of the home are really good. It is a floor plan that I have never encountered in my years of selling real estate.It certainly was custom built for … continue reading