Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DaySo glad to see the sun out today along with the temps rising above freezing.  I’m sure we’re all getting tired of these seemingly endless days of winter.  Speaking of sunlight, this year I’ve been watching closely when even the shortest of rays of sunlight will filter into the windows at the back of my office for our year 2018.  For the first time in around 112 days, the sun finally came peeking thru one of those windows for an ever-short period of time. Yes, there’s always light coming in those windows, but today I discovered there are all the more days without than I’d figured.  Now you likely think me a bit strange to even care about such things, but I’m personally glad there’s still a vein of curiosity still alive within.

I’m now working at getting a few more listings on board since many of my office’s homes have sold.  Hopefully I’ll be getting a call from several sellers I’ve recently visited with about selling their homes.  I’m still wishing some of the first-time buyers would lower their sights on the price range of homes they’ve been viewing.  I’m really not a negative-minded person, but no matter what we want to believe, there’ll always be bumps in the roads of our futures.

After reading an article several days ago, the retirement futures for our millennials is not looking bright.  The author went on to speak about how so many of them have loaded themselves up with high and long term debt to where they can’t save on a monthly basis for any future “bumps”.  No matter what anyone wants to believe, I’m convinced that no matter how their lives appear, they’re living on the edge of a very deep ditch, and if they should happen to stumble and fall within, they’ll be stuck down there for many years.  Far too many immediately want the lifestyles their parents worked for many years to achieve.  I’m still blaming most of this on those parents who continued to enable their precious offspring to where those impressionable children created in their minds what our “real world” isn’t, and then reality hits when out there fighting for their financial survival.  So sad.

I’m scheduling an public open house for this Saturday at 422 S. Tennessee Place here in Mason City, and in hopes that this will be the month that it gets sold.  It truly is a great buy and hopefully there’ll be a professional or semi-professional looking to buy who’ll be in attendance and realize that it really has been under the radar of value.  With there being only four units in that building, makes for a less-stressful environment for its resident owners.  I’ve always thought that if you can’t get along with three other owners in a building, then likely the problem lies with you.  Spread the word!

With it being Valentine’s Day, I decided to dig out my envelope of vintage Valentine’s Day cards and find yet another to share a bit of the past.  Since I had to drive to a familiar office and pick up some documents, I decided to show them to their secretary who enjoys such memorabilia.  She actually liked them better than I’d expected to the point when she looked up at me and said, “Now why can’t today’s Valentine’s Day cards be like these?”  I fully agreed and while walking out I turned and said, “I’m glad I lifted your spirits by showing my precious cards.”  The above photo is but one of my many favorites from that envelope.  I’m hoping you and your Valentine are having a delightful Valentine’s Day.