End of the End

End of the EndI’m still in dis-belief how cold and damp it’s been for being the 12th of March.  Yes, I do remember back in years gone by when I’d take a small vacation every year to Southern California around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, and there being mounds of snow on the ground when leaving.  This year, it hasn’t been so much the snow, but rather the ice and wind.  No matter how high the temps get in these times, if the wind is blowing from the north, it feels all the more cold.  I’m not even considering wearing a Spring jacket until it grows markedly warmer.

It was a pretty normal Monday with the number of phone calls and walk-ins, to where I was shocked to find it already being after 5:00 when looking up at the clock.  Daylight Savings Time will take some getting used to for nearly everyone.  Getting out of bed an hour earlier this morning was certainly a struggle, and when I arrived in darkness at the office, I felt more like going back to bed instead of getting to work.  Hopefully by the time our weekend arrives, we’ll all be used to this time change.

After reading the International news this morning, it looks like China has elected its new “emperor” for life. It saddens me to see how Democracy is all the more under attack from all corners of the globe.  As I see it, the world in general is sliding down a very slippery slope towards a modern-day Dark Age.

Shortly after reading about the “emperor”, I read about the release of the previously classified information about our government’s sighting on the East Coast of a UFO several years ago.  For some reason, I don’t believe those extra-terrestrial beings to be malevolent.  If indeed they are visiting our planet more frequently, I’d say they’re taking a keen interest in our current state of world affairs, and perhaps they’ve decided that if things get so far out of hand with those controlled manipulations of governments, they’ll make themselves known and do whatever they have to do to bring a balance back to Mother Earth.

Now think about it.  If they’re that much more advanced than we are, they can certainly see or “feel” the signs of our planet’s rapid approach to the brink of destruction of all life.  You do know that just between USA and Russia, there are enough atomic bombs to reduce this world to nothing more than glob of ash circling the sun.

I did have to stop reading the news after seeing Great Britain’s condemnation of the Russians for that deadly nerve gas attack on their sovereign soil.  Could it possibly have been a trial run for future and more wide-spread attacks on innocent people?  I wouldn’t put anything past that sick mind in control of yet another empire run by his Excellency King Putin I.

Now getting back to that ET sighting, I’m now beginning to believe they’re not visiting us to passively watch the end of humanity, but rather to actively participate in putting an end to the end of life as we know it here on our more precious life-giving planet called Earth.  Git-er-Done ET!