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Entitlement vs Sustainability

Today's conversations with the general public of Mason City was filled with comments from several buyers and sellers who were a bit heated over what they believe is the abuse of the State of Iowa's and our Federal Government's programs to help the needy. One of buyers who is from southern Minnesota spoke about how he and his seven brothers and two … continue reading

The War of the Worlds…

We the residents of Mason City are approaching the point of being at what the sci-fi would believe to be the War of the Worlds.At one side are the nay-sayers who believe that all is good and nothing needs to be changed. On the other side, there are those that can see past the blinders that our community of Mason City and North Iowa have set in pl … continue reading

Opposing Forces

If anyone who works in downtown Mason City would just become more aware of their surroundings as they are going to and from their workplace, they would notice as I have, the opposing forces that are forming in the Business District of Mason City. Too many times one will notice people who seem “out of place” on the sidewalks as well as street wa … continue reading

Mason City can be the hub

For years and years I have said that Mason City missed the boat on being the center of the financial/commercial universe in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Let's think about it. We are about 2 hours by car from Des Moines, about 2 hours by car from Minneapolis, and now thanks to the Avenue of the Saints, we are about 2 ½ hours from Cedar Rapid … continue reading

New Proposed City Ordinance

It looks like there will be a City Ordinance on it's way to becoming a reality. Seems as though there are mixed feelings about how well it will be enforced and who is ultimately responsible.  Will it be the owner of the property or the occupant?  Scraping away the negativity leaves us with some real positive prospects.  What about creating neigh … continue reading