Like a Dotard

Well, we made it thru another scorcher of a day.  Around 1:00 p.m., I glanced at the outside temperature gauge of my car and noticed it to be 94 degrees.  The wind was making it all the more unbearable.  Now if we were living in Southern California and they were in the midst of "Santa Anna's", it would feel pretty much the same other than their temperatures get even higher--especially for those… continue reading

Repaid in Kind

Seems everyone was feeling the heat today. I personally noticed the thermometer at 94 degrees this afternoon. All the animals seem to be reacting accordingly by staying out of sight and likely hidden somewhere in shaded trees and bushes. With having several appointments in the Downtown today, I decided to walk instead of drive. Those two and three blocks made a believer out of me in how quickly th… continue reading

Faces of Jealousy

Another day went racing by with some good things accomplished including getting another one of my listings sold. After looking at my current inventory of un-sold homes, I'd say I'll be getting busy beating the bushes for new listings. This is going to be yet another year where I'm eternally thankful for the business a number of residents in Mason City and North Iowa have given me. In spite of the … continue reading

You Taste More

It's been very interesting how our weather has been these days of September.  Last evening's temps were similar to July's to where there wasn't even a chill outdoors after sundown.  Still thinking it must be due to the recent hurricanes pushing warmer air in our direction. Most of my day was spent performing administrative duties.  The paperwork seems to never end when a sale takes place.  … continue reading

Pastoral View

Another “whizz-by” day happened again but at least it was a productive one.  Not to be bragging or complaining, two of my office listings went under contract today.  As far as I'm concerned, the both of them are going to make happy homes for their new owners. After spending about a week showing homes on and off to a delightful young couple, I'd say it's getting to the point where there ar… continue reading

The Look

Today wasn't the most eventful, yet for some reason the hours seemed to take flight from the time I arrived at my office.   I think what created it was my having been side-tracked by another Realtor calling and wanting to show Prairie Place on 1st at 9:00 a.m. this morning.  Since he'd never been in the complex, I had to make sure to give him a quick guided tour before his buyer arrived.  I'm … continue reading

2831 – 4th St. NW

Today was one of those days where nearly everything I had originally planned to do was side-tracked by phone calls from buyers, sellers, and other agents who were all in need of assistance.  One of the agents calling when I picked up said, "I wasn't expecting anyone to answer."  I always consider such a statement a little odd to where I've been tempted to respond by saying, "So would you like me… continue reading

Smoking Double

The rain this morning was a welcome relief for both man and beast.  After driving the number of miles I did out of town today, I'd say many of the farmers crops are fast approaching harvest.  I can't believe how quickly they've turned and do hope the yields will be good come harvest time so the farmers will continue to spend money in Mason City which I consider the "hub" of North Iowa. We're … continue reading

Stacked Decks

This is certainly going to be a September to remember with these endless days of heat.  Hopefully we will get the rain that's been forecasted.  North Iowa is exceptionally dry to where I'm sure the reason our trees are shedding their leaves so early is because of the lack of moisture.  The oak trees around town appear to be in very sad shape.  I did take about three hours off this morning to g… continue reading

Art Deco Beacon

Today was certainly one where I spent most of the morning on detail for a client/customer who inadvertently missed taking care of some necessary repairs to a home he owns before a new tenant moves in the end of this month.  For some reason, I seem to find more flaws than most when doing walk-thru's on vacant properties, even to the point of noticing small screws missing from a home's components.… continue reading