Over a Hundred Years

As I was walking out of a home today after the owners' gave me the full tour, I happily informed them what I believed it would sell for, as well as how quickly it'll go under contract.  It's going to be listed in our popular mid-range, and offers nearly everything the average buyer is looking for, as well as being in a popular location.  Hopefully I'll have it on the market the first of next wee… continue reading

Weeping Red Cedar

You have no idea how happy I am we had rain today.  The heat and humidity was causing me to stay in as much as possible these last days.  I was certain when I looked at the weather outlook on Sunday, there was no rain expected for at least a week.  Just about a half hour before it started raining I said to a customer, "I sure wish it would rain soon so this heavy humidity will go away." Not but… continue reading


It came as no surprise that today was exceptionally busy for me.  Seems every time a weekend is more quiet, the following Monday is a floodgate of phone calls and appointments.  Of course I was happy to get everything accomplished along with some first of the month bookkeeping that had been neglected for over a week.  Thank goodness there were no mistakes in entries so I could move thru it more… continue reading

Accept and Walk Away

Since the day started, and having to be outside more than in, I found myself in a near constant state of hyper-awareness of the natural beauty surrounding me.  I believe it all started when I arrived at one of my listings a bit early for an 8:00 am showing.  With most of the City still in their Sunday morning slumber, the outdoors was delightfully lacking the sound of motorized vehicles and all … continue reading

Ditch Weeds

The heat and humidity creeped up on us today to where it arrived without notice.  It just about got me later this morning while I was out radically trimming back several rows of hedges.  By the time I was finished cutting them, I was dripping wet and ready for a cold one, but I knew I had to get those branches bagged and set aside so the mowing could be done.  Six full yard bags later, I was re… continue reading

There’d Be Volumes

One couldn't possibly turn down having days like today continue on thru the rest of the year.  I'll accept having rain storms in the night so to keep all the greenery lush.  I've been noticing many vegetable gardens around town, and they appear to be doing just fine.  I stopped at Shopko several days ago and noticed all the unsold plants and shrubs they still have in stock.  Considering how la… continue reading


It was so much a beautiful day outside to where I found myself working at savoring each moment of it while out of the office.  Since I had some desk work to get completed early this morning, I did get a glimpse of the glorious sunrise as I was driving Downtown. Most don't realize how early a number of people are on the highway before 6:00 a.m who're likely on their way to work.  I was reminde… continue reading

A Great Start-Up

It was quite the scorching day with the high humidity and temps in the 90's which made it feel all that much hotter.  I went out to preview a home today and while outside for only about five minutes, I could feel a sweat beginning to break out from within.  I'm sure this weather is all the more miserable for the many North Iowa residents who've been hit recently with summer colds.  As we all kn… continue reading

The Chills

It seemed nearly all I did today was perform follow-ups and get emails returned. From the looks of it, I'll be busy the rest of the week with showings. Now that the inventories have dropped, we're seeing more sales of those less desirable homes along with the continued spiking of prices on those that are the most popular with buyers. As I've mentioned before, I only hope we're not going to have… continue reading

Mode of Doing Business

It came as a delightful surprise being awakened in the night by a thunderstorm.  I haven't yet looked to see how much rain we received, but every little bit helps.  Certainly there was a measurable amount after seeing the number of puddles in the streets while driving to work this morning. The day was a bit slow, so I figured it to be time again to get the monthly bills paid and accounts bala… continue reading