Beyond the Clouded Glass

As I was expecting, my closing today was not the soft landing I had earlier hoped for considering I'd done nearly everything possible to create such a landing.  Without pointing fingers or laying blame, that's all I can say is that there are those whose expectations far exceed what would be expected while working under very short time frames.  Oh well, the buyers have their new home, and the sel… continue reading

Making Waste

This particular Monday was one in which I was in near constant motion from the time I walked into the office up until I locked the doors late this afternoon.  Since I was pretty much ready days ago for the two closings I had today, I was thankful I didn't have to do much of any rushing around for them. Today we closed on the first two units that were sold out of my office of the Prairie Place … continue reading

None for All

Today was my menial labor day I managed to get set aside so to continue on with my little personal projects.  Not thinking it was going to rain, I was forced inside before I was able to get finished up on what I was doing. Once inside, it didn't take me long to find a substitute.  I'm glad for not of the "brand" of men who if they can't finish something they've started because of a change in … continue reading

September’s End

It's really quite interesting how Mother Nature "knows" when it's time to start shedding her Summer robes while reaching for Fall's mantle.  I particularly noticed it today while out on the highway between towns.  All the trees are definitely well on their way to providing us another spectacular show of colors.  It sort of makes me sad Summer didn't hang with us a little longer.  Oh well, ther… continue reading

My Shepherd Is

This morning's closing went as smooth as silk and the buyer is now on a burn to get started with a few improvements along with getting moved while the weather is good.  I oft times feel blessed and fortunate to have so many of the nicest buyers and sellers to work with in real estate.  Perhaps it's due to the old saying, "Like attracts like."  I think of that sometimes when seeing not so nice p… continue reading

Glorious Fall Evening

After spending several hours of research on properties here in Mason City, I believe I have a half dozen viable candidates for the buyers I'm working with next week.  In comparing prices, I'd say they're all over the map even more so than they were earlier this year.  Thank goodness they're not wanting to look in Clear Lake because their prices are all more erratic. It's been a rather difficu… continue reading

Folded into Darkness

Whenever someone should happen to chide you for supposedly spending so much time running errands, ask them to shadow you the next time you have your list ready. I'm saying this because I spent nearly half the day doing just that and when I looked at the clock after walking back from the post office which was my last stop, I was shocked to see how much time had lapsed.  At least I did get all t… continue reading

Breaking Dawn

There wasn't much excitement in the world of real estate today and likely due to the rapid change in our weather.  I'm still in denial of how warm this month has been. Today a customer of mine mentioned one of his friends who watches the weather patterns quite closely, telling him these next two or three months will be markedly warmer than normal.  I guess that's fine by us, but I hope it's not … continue reading

Long Roads Home

An associate of mine laughed when telling him how nice it felt to be back to work and finally able to have a break from my exhausting weekend.  Yes, it wasn't one of those normal Saturday or Sunday putzing days where I'd just relax and do a little of this and that when and if the spirit should move me. Awakening a little earlier than normal, inspired me to go to the office and get my appointme… continue reading

Red Pepper Day

Having no real estate appointments outside the office today, I finished up on some of the last of my office work that carried over from yesterday along with making a several calls to clients regarding their listings.  The entirety of the remainder  was spent on a daunting 8 hour project which I did finally finish just before 6:00 p.m.  Looking at the finished product I said to myself, "It reall… continue reading