Hey Buddy

Seems every day this week the rain arrived in spite of what the weather channel forecasted.  Irregardless of the weather, I did manage to make all my appointments and still have time to spare.  Like I said earlier, if this rain continues like it has been, there'll be more than enough soil moisture for our trees and shrubs to survive over the winter.  I only hope it dries up enough for our area … continue reading

Worthy of a Story

Alas the sun shined long enough this afternoon to start lifting our spirits.  It sounds like our overnight temperatures are going to be dropping below 40 degrees but then they'll be higher after tonight's lows.  Those that have planted Fall garden crops should be happy about it since it'll give more growing time for their carrots, beets, along with all the other "cool" crops.  I personally pref… continue reading

801 W. Main

Once in a great while there comes a time in real estate sales when either a buyer or a seller has "just one more thing" to throw into the mix.  Well, yours truly is dealing with just that situation.  The other Realtor is about ready to throw in the towel, but hopefully we'll get it put together.  I've dealt with those "just one more thing" situations enough times where you just stay calm and wo… continue reading

E Flat

Days like today are just those plain old dark and dreary ones where the faster they're over, the sooner our core happiness returns.  I've been in the midst of negotiation with a possible sale these past several days, and it's likely our weather that's been keeping the buyer and seller from agreeing on a price.   Perhaps there'll be enough sunshine tomorrow to help get that deal put together. … continue reading

Extended Bad Dreams

First thing this morning I had another "soft landing" closing on one of my listing that another agent sold.  Everything went all more smoothly than I'd expected.  Just before we finished, someone happened to bring up the subject of ghosts.  Perhaps with it growing closer to Halloween is why it was brought up.  With that said, the spirit subject got all the more expanded to where we were sharin… continue reading

Wannabe Look-a-likes

Having decided yesterday I'd get back to the menial chores that've been waiting for me, I went to the office a bit early so to get the last few chores needing to be done before  tomorrow's business day arrives.  By the time I was finished and walking outdoors, I found the sun up and the temperatures having risen enough to consider it once again a pleasant day. Around the hour of ten, I was ba… continue reading

The Flu Season

Alas the rains have stopped for a few days.  I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see the sun again.  I'm sure there were a number of people who've discovered water in their basements after these two day rains have finally stopped.  After looking at the 10 day forecast, we may be experiencing another wet Fall.  The farmers will have to be working all the faster to get their beans and corn ou… continue reading


Oh what a dark and rainy day we had today.  I was hoping the clouds would clear off before sunset and give us at least a few minutes of sunshine, but it didn't happen.  I'm of the belief these past several months of unusual weather are by-products of those hurricanes and tropical storms the South and Southeast recently experienced.  I just heard today there's yet another growing storm that's ma… continue reading

Mentally Engaged

It certainly wasn't a stellar day with the blanket of gloomy gray skies mounting above our City until it finally started drizzling rain.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear we were having Pacific Northwest weather, where heavy gray clouds move in slowly and release misty rain for hours, and sometimes days on end. My journey to Northwood on business was a real reminder that winter is around the… continue reading

Rays of Hope

Not long after sunrise, I thought I heard a noise at the front window of my office but when looking out, I didn't see any movement, so back I went to what I was doing.  When unlocking the front door just as my 9:00 am appointment arrived, and after opening the door, I noticed a small dead bird at the doorway.  My client was a little disturbed seeing it in the walkway, so I picked it up and quick… continue reading