The Drip Pan

There wasn't much of anything noteworthy that took place this morning other than just running a few errands and a slow continuation of getting my office in order for this year's market.  Believe me, I'm enjoying every day this week that's above freezing. One of my clients called late this morning asking if I would have time to meet with one of his customers who is in need of some real estate a… continue reading

Parting Company

It was sad to hear about the accidents that took place this morning.  People have got to learn what happens to roadways when we have these drastic temperature changes. While driving to work this morning, it didn't take me long to discover how slick the highways were, and then proceeding accordingly. I'll never forget hearing a man recently tell his story about what happened to him on a slick h… continue reading

The Gorilla Glue

Oh what a delight it was to be able to go outside without covering nearly every square inch of one's body just to keep from getting frostbite.  I normally have to cover my nose and mouth so to keep that really cold air from making me cough.  It has a near strangling effect on me which is likely one more genetic predisposition some of us have to endure. Early this morning I had a quick chat wi… continue reading

Some Good Reads

As suspected, my day was a busy one with appointments before and after my public open house. In spite of it being exceptionally cold out again this morning, it did finally start warming up to at least being above zero.  But of course, the winds have started again, so even though tomorrow is supposed to be 30 degrees for a high, I'd say it won't feel like it if we are still having today's gusts. … continue reading


I'm sure many of you are happy it's the end of our short, yet brutally cold work week and now able to keep closer to home and out of the chill of it.  It sounds like for the first time in weeks, it'll be hovering around freezing on Sunday.   Hopefully, it won't be so cold out tomorrow for my public open house located at 1034 Park Lane here in Mason City which is scheduled between 1:00 - 3:00 pm… continue reading

Core of Consumerism

With it only being four days into our new year, I'm already nearly back to normal with the my job/art of living.  It's been more fully illuminated to me this past year how too often we look at our lives as mundane jobs of living; especially when being faced with near constant change, chaos, and strife. It seems that once a given person has been challenged from all sides for an extended period … continue reading

Three Ways

At least it wasn't as cold out today, but that wind was back at it again.  As the by-product  of last night's blowing light snow, we were all facing very slick roads this morning.  Even the die-hard drivers were slowing down.  When the road ahead has a sheen, it's my cue to slow down and be all the more careful when stopping at intersections. The sellers of my listing located at 1415 - 9th … continue reading

First Day Back

Perhaps I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I can't help but be a little vocal about how cold it was this morning. I actually had to cover my mouth because it was so cold.  Whenever the temps reach such negative digits, it becomes chokingly cold.  Thank goodness the wind changed directions and now getting a little warmer.  I teasingly said to someone today, " Oh great!  Now the di… continue reading

Therefore I Am

Just think, every day we survive another cold day, the closer we come to the the breaking of Spring.  It has been a few years since we've had what looks like over two weeks of it, and still not knowing what'll be in store for us the remainder of January.  I do remember the winter forecast that was posted several months ago saying we're going to have colder than normal temperatures.  Looks like … continue reading

Weak Minds Discuss People

In spite of the beautiful sunshine today, we are still being cursed by these below zero temperatures.  Of course yours truly had to be out in it again, but not as much as yesterday.  It appears we're going to have it around our necks for another week. Late this morning I had to show two properties to some people from out of town.  Thank goodness the walks were shoveled and the driveways clea… continue reading