703 – 11th St. NE, Mason City IA

This address is one to indeed remember when searching for that perfect home. When people speak of looking for a place they can just relax and enjoy, I think of this delightfully charming brick home. You can tell it has always been well maintained but the current owner has taken it to the next level. It offers all new tilt-in windows, new floor coverings, new kitchen and bath, gorgeous window … continue reading

Think Forward

More and more these past years I have found fewer buyers and sellers stepping back a bit and considering the whole picture of where they see themselves in the next five or ten years. Since I work with the crosscut of buyers, I see the same thought processes in all age groups. For example, I am working with a couple who have two teenage children who will likely be living at home for five years at t… continue reading

The Tale of Two Listings

There are two homes that Holtz Realty has listed that should have, would have and could have been sold quite some time ago. The first one is a larger than it looks 3 bedroom ranch that was custom built back in the 1950's for a teacher. It was owned by them up until about 10 years ago when the present owner purchased it. It has a poured concrete foundation that has withstood the flood of 2008 witho… continue reading

Stand your Ground

What I find more and more troubling in our country is how people in all age groups tend to take normal meetings to just get some problems solved and turning them into dark-sided circuses. I happened to be at a meeting several days ago and was internally shocked at the vulgar language as well as the scurrilous remarks that were totally uncalled for at such a meeting. Several times during that meeti… continue reading

Readers are Leaders

If there is anything that I know for sure, is that people who read books tend to have a far broader understanding of society. Likely it is because the authors of the books that they read give views from different angles due to their perceptions and perspectives. Those who read well written novels, always seem to be able to cut to the chase of a conversation and are able to weed out undesirables in… continue reading

Everybody Needs a Friend

Of all the continued studies of the interaction of humans with animals, it never ceases to amaze me the effects of animals on humans as well as humans on animals. When I was growing up on the farm and surrounded by numerous animals, there seemed for me at such an early age, a feeling of community. There were different ideas, different needs and wants, and certainly different personalities. Each da… continue reading

As Good as it Gets

Holtz Realty has for sale an extremely well built and completely updated condo on the east side of Mason City that is truly one of the best that I have seen in a very long time. As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of homes that I have previewed and it takes quite a bit to impress me. Of the features that impress me to begin with, is the quality of construction. It was built back in the time … continue reading

Raising the Bar

I had an unfortunate confrontation at the office this morning that later caused me to remember an essay that I read several years ago about how people teach themselves to get what they want in a bad way. I'm sure you've all heard the expression, “The wheel that squeaks the most gets the grease.” Well, there is another part to the euphemistic saying and that is, “If the wheels squeaks too … continue reading

Baby steps

Early each morning when driving downtown, I pay special attention to the problem areas as well as the improved areas. I find green areas of the downtown and private properties that evidently the people who maintain them don't know the difference between designated shrubs and blooming weeds and volunteer trees. I also pay special attention to improvements that people are making on their homes an… continue reading

A soft Landing

Rarely do I have an opportunity to list a residence that gives me an immediate feeling of comfort when I walk in the front door. I had this “feeling” this afternoon when I listed a condo on Briarstone Lake. Besides the normal condo features, it has sliding doors that walk out to a private covered patio overlooking Briarstone Lake. Even the patio speaks of careful placement of flowers and pati… continue reading