Mason City’s 2008 Flood Homes

I am going to continue to be very hopeful that the homes that are left in the flood buyout do go to auction rather than being torn down. Some of these homes have quality of design and construction that you will likely not find in a newer home. Yes, the time and money spent in finding a suitable lot as well as the costs associated with moving, having a basement dug, updating the plumbing and electr… continue reading

Race against the Rates

Having been selling real estate in Mason City and North Iowa for longer than I want to admit, I can see the beginnings of a steading climb in the short and long term interest rates. What is a bit disconcerting is that we are still not over the damage that has been done to our over-all real estate market from the crash of 2007. There are still too many homes that are in short sale status, sheriff s… continue reading

Perpetual Axe Grinders

I've been working with a client these past weeks that is becoming more and more delightful. He makes me think as well as smile. The particular job he has would cause most people to consider him just another “worker”. Well, he isn't. We've all heard the saying, “You can't judge a book by it's cover.” He would be one whom you would compare to this saying. On to my story. He is very inquis… continue reading

Mason City’s gratuitous Dumpster Diving and Dumping

I know people over the course of their lives have peeked into a dumpster or two, as well as thrown something in one. What seems to be the mode these past ten years or so has been an increase in people believing that dumpsters that businesses pay for on a monthly basis are free to the public. Waste disposal has become a lucrative business due to our living in a more throw away world. The downtown d… continue reading

Is it still Summer in North Iowa?

Having arrived at the office early this morning I found that the temperature was quickly on the rise again. Here it is the 7th of September and we are having this icky-sticky heat that doesn't seem to want to let up. Have you ever noticed when it is late Summer and we have these temperatures how it seems to be a different type that's more annoying. It's as if the position of the sun is wrong for i… continue reading

Looking In from the Outside

Several days ago a retiree whom I sold a home to about 5 years ago called just to play catch up with what has been going on with our lives. Back when I first met her, she was just retiring from a teaching position in a community college out West. We found that we shared many similar interests so we had many things to talk about. There were several reasons for her choice to purchase a home in Mason… continue reading

Holtz Realty’s Four Open Homes this Coming Weekend…

On Saturday Sept. 07th we will be hosting “brick is better” and they are as follows: 703 - 11th St. NE, Mason City Iowa 1:00 – 3:00 PM I see a young and vibrant, up and coming, moving and shaking professional/semi-professional purchasing this home. It has all the markings of what someone with discriminative tastes would choose as their residence. From the ground up, this home has been … continue reading

Delighted to be in Mason City Downtown

These past several weeks are showing signs of more great things to come.  The Facade Project is underway and the construction crews are busy tearing off layers of dis-functional facades. If I had more time, it would be interesting to watch the process of dismantling of someone else’s work some fifty or sixty years ago. This brings me to a conversation I had with a customer this afternoon.  We … continue reading

A Diamond in the Rough

Holtz Realty just listed a home today that’s one of the rare ones that has had thousands of dollars of updates yet the cosmetics including the cleaning, painting, carpeting as well as all the little quirky things that need attention. It is certainly not one of your “staged” homes but standing back and looking at the whole picture, this home has fast track equity building written all over it.… continue reading

Labor Day Tribute

I'm sure there have been many fine articles and tributes written about Labor Day since it was signed into law as a National Holiday back in 1887. In the beginnings, Labor Day was celebrated as a day of acknowledging the achievements of the general workers of the United States. What I continue to believe, is that too many of the rank and file workers are not acknowledged and rewarded for the goo… continue reading