Beyond our Reach

My morning started out about as usual as every other workday.  There were those spill-over calls and texts from yesterday that needed to be answered along with some unexpected research I was called to do for an appraiser who wasn't able to access online statistics due to his computer having likely been compromised by a virus or two. I've been finding it becoming all the more commonplace with o… continue reading

Tropical Blossom

More than just a few people have been mentioning how unseasonably cool our days and nights have been this past week.  I couldn't help but agree more when a delivery person arrived today and mentioned how cold it was last year on the 4th of July.  We both confirmed that winters aren't winter anymore as well as summers not being summers.  In recent years, the temperatures have seemed to bounce up… continue reading

Iron Blue Heron

The public open house I had at 721 N. Delaware had more visitors than I'd expected on such a glorious Sunday afternoon.  I have a "feeling" it's going to be selling soon.  With all the homes recently sold around Mason City and North Iowa, there's bound to be a buyer who'll understand its real value as well as realizing the price is far below market.  I took a book with me and I didn't even have… continue reading

Industrial Rain

It was surprising to find it raining off and on today.  Thank goodness I got my outside menial chores done before the intermittent light showers started.  I did a little mowing at a property and while there, I couldn't help but notice how poorly the so-called middle to lower tier of today's homeowners take care of their yards.  They seem to make an attempt at mowing, but they don't keep the vol… continue reading

They’re Swinging

Without question, this work week of mine has been quite the roller-coaster ride in my attempts to keep everything balanced to where everyone remained on the same page. While driving away from a meeting with some of my Realtor colleagues, I've decided many have interesting perceptions of themselves as well as those around them.  Even in my profession, there are those who believe they can get ev… continue reading

Brewing Storm

Now some would say the 21st of June is the longest day of the year, while of late, most say the 22nd is the day offering us the most sunlight.  Be it yesterday or today, we'll say it's the end point of the earth's two-way dirctional tilting. Every year when this time arrives, I recall my readings from long ago about the Celtic tribes, the Druids, and a handful of other pagan groups and the rit… continue reading

At Face Value

Most of my day was spent out of the office with clients and customers, and certainly happy to be driving in light rain.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we would have just a nice light shower every day without thunder, lightening, and strong winds?  It's finally now starting to feel like summer and here we are at the turning point of the sun's return journey to the south.  Just when we're really st… continue reading

Belly Laugh

It was nearly another perfect day today in North Iowa to where I said to someone who's nearly always crabby, "How can we not keep from smiling while in the midst of such a beautiful day?"  I almost left her speechless until she finally said, "Yeah I guess so but we'll see how long this weather lasts when we wake up one day and find winter breathing down our necks."  Isn't it sad to find such sou… continue reading

Bridge of Stone

In my estimation, I'd say today was about as near perfect a day with the sun brightly shining, the temperatures at moderate levels, and a cool drying breeze from the north to bring our Summer's senses into a near perfect balance. Perhaps I'm a little more of a fan of these northerly breezes because I know it keeps the humidity down and the mosquitos away.  When young and working out in our veg… continue reading

Reed and Spel

Finding the weather today exceptionally pleasant, I decided to spend some hours back at one of my "pet" projects.  Of course yours truly forgot the word "stop" until nearly full physical fatigue started setting in.  I was happy to get quite a bit accomplished, but was a little upset with myself for not finishing earlier so to enjoy the afternoon out of doors. Before I went into my work binge … continue reading