Absolute Laziness

Yet another "Ground Hog Day" with this snow and ice.  I wasn't a bit happy finding there was a combination of sleet and snow having fallen overnight.  It was more than a struggle getting it off the front sidewalk at my office today.  After the sun came around and warmed up the pavement enough to get it melting, I finally got it all off, and happy for that after hearing we're supposed to get ano… continue reading

Next Day Delivery

I'm sure last night's snow over the top of our ice has created a number of falls for people today.  I personally heard of three, so can you imagine how many more there were throughout the City?  And of course with this afternoon's snow, made for all the more treacherous driving.  I noticed two separate one car accidents just as I was driving home this evening, and one of them must've really los… continue reading

A Sterling Sunset

Oh how I wish the temps would rise above freezing so to be rid of this exceptionally dangerous ice.  Today it seemed even worse than yesterday with it now getting all the more slippery which is likely due to the wind and sun having an effect on it. After receiving a phone call this afternoon, I bristled when discovering one of the homes I was scheduled to show tomorrow just happened to get sol… continue reading

Her Ice Man

It was a bit of a struggle getting about town today after last night's additional layer of sleet which covered nearly everything.  I know the City workers were doing all they could to make the streets and public areas safe for driving and walking, but some of the businesses I had to visit had parking lots that looked like ice skating rinks.  After finally getting into a Downtown business from th… continue reading

Bucket O’Chiles

It was a blessing I managed to get to work this morning before the drizzle turned to sleet.  At least the City was good about spreading sand on the streets so to keep from there being any more fender benders from happening.  I was quick to get that chicken grit spread out in front of my office.  The most unfortunate was hearing that we're supposed to get more of it starting around 5:00 am tomor… continue reading

Sun Breaking

Not much was happening on my side of the fence the fence today, and with the weather the way it was, I wasn't able to get something done that I'd set aside time to do, simply because of it being yet another windy day in North Iowa.  After looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow, I wasn't a bit happy reading we're to get sleet at two different intervals over the next 30+ hours, and it's suppo… continue reading

Hurried Monday

How in the world did that snowstorm manage to come upon us today without warning?  All I'd been hearing was that our weather was supposed to be pleasant this weekend.  But, while out checking my open house signs earlier and not to my liking, I noticed the  skies were looking far too gray and heavy, and wouldn't you know it, about a half hour later it started snowing. One of my appointments t… continue reading

Better With Age

With the wind blowing out of the north today, certainly kept the temps low enough to where we didn't have any more snowmelt.  At least the sun was shining brightly which always helps.  One of my dear friends who lives out of State mentioned how extra-gloomy her winter has been due to the excessive number of over-cast days they've been having.  One of my dear clients fully agreed with me while t… continue reading

Covered All Sides

Alas the warmer weather is starting to take hold in North Iowa so we can get rid of much of our lingering ice and snow.  I'm sure once the old stuff is melted, any additional snow here on out will be short lived. I had another "soft landing" closing today on a home which had a number of offers on it over the months, but couldn't seem to get together on price.  I'm just happy the sellers are c… continue reading

Valentine’s Day

So glad to see the sun out today along with the temps rising above freezing.  I'm sure we're all getting tired of these seemingly endless days of winter.  Speaking of sunlight, this year I've been watching closely when even the shortest of rays of sunlight will filter into the windows at the back of my office for our year 2018.  For the first time in around 112 days, the sun finally came peekin… continue reading