Fake News

Ouch!  The cold was pretty darned biting early this morning while on my way to work.  Just 10 more days left, and the sun will have finished with its march south and then slowing working itself back north again.  I'll be glad of that because I absolutely hate going to work in the dark as well as coming home in the dark. One of my dear clients stopped by my office this morning with some absol… continue reading

13 Days and Counting

Here we are again with another day of wind.  I'm beginning to believe this year will go down as being our windiest on record.  While I was back at my menial project for over four hours yesterday, my mind was wandering from subject to subject until I started thinking about these near endless days of wind.  It popped into my mind that perhaps besides global warming, there could be other causes fo… continue reading

Carved in Italy

The first and foremost little job for me today was to play for St. Paul Lutheran Church's Service.  Before I arrived there a little after 8:00 am, I ran thru the pieces they selected for me play just one more time on the piano at my office.  When I arrived, I was glad the church was heating up because me fingers were exceptionally cold, and as most keyboardist know, when your fingers are cold, i… continue reading

Christmas Vacation

Being unable to put my finger on it, I've come to the conclusion that today was just one of those strange ones that arrive at random without rhyme or reason creating quirky, yet memorable happenings as I'm living thru them. Thank goodness the snow flurries were just that, and left nearly as quickly as they arrived.  Certainly without complaints, I'd say the longer the snow stays away, the shor… continue reading

Made in China

Alas it got above freezing this afternoon which with the sun shining brightly which made the day feel almost tolerable.  I've been noticing some really bad driving lately by people who've likely forgotten that Winter is upon us, and there are, and will be more patches of ice in the future which will place reckless drivers in dangerous positions with others on our roadways who're all the more prud… continue reading

Smeared with Color

After I arrived at my office this morning, I noticed that it wasn't getting warmer, but rather colder during our first daylight hours.  While on my way out to a breakfast invite with several clients, I noticed my car's thermometer had dipped below 10 degrees due to the wind having started up again.  Since I normally don't eat that much for breakfast, I found myself being all hungrier and orderin… continue reading

Swinton’s Word Book

Oh Mercy!  The wind was back at it again today to where I really didn't want to go outdoors any more than I had to, so I made sure to consolidate my errands into two runs.  I certainly wasn't happy to see the snow flurries, but after looking at the weather forecast, there shouldn't be much if any accumulation to worry about. I was wrestling with the idea of having a public open house this wee… continue reading

Downright Pathetic

What a change in weather!  I was hoping Mother Nature would've eased us into Winter a little more soulfully considering how warm it was yesterday, but it appeared not the case when finding today being beastly cold, and made worse by that north wind blowing so hard. When I walked over early this morning to the Courthouse which is only one block from my office, I was half frozen by the time I go… continue reading

Sweeping Temperatures

There's no question I was out of the office more than in today with it being the first of the month as well as a Monday.  At least I did get everything accomplished including having one of my listings sold.  Looks like December is going to be an active one. One of my personal chores today was to go over to the bank and have some debit cards created for Christmas gifts I'll be giving to a sele… continue reading

21 – 11th St. NE

Well, I managed to get thru the day without beating myself up too badly from my outdoor work today.  Thank goodness I had a two hour break with phone calls and an appointment to show one home.  At least I've finally got past a tediously long and daunting task, so now I can move forward with my little project without having to brace myself for another workout when I arrive there. A Realtor bro… continue reading