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This past week I’ve been making treks up to Winnebago County to show a buyer homes and was brought back up to speed with the streets of Forest City.  When some of my old relatives were still alive, we used to drive up Sundays on occasion for long visits.  There have also been times when I’d have to go to the courthouse to file documents once in a great while, but never spent much of any time… continue reading

Holtz_Realty_SingleWelcome to Holtz Realty’s new website. We hope you enjoy your browsing experience. This year we will be adding more information to our site about the art of buying and selling real estate.

Just for your information, Holtz Realty is delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary of doing business in North Iowa. You can read our history here.


Our promise:

We will make buying or selling real estate in North Iowa a welcome experience. If you’re a first time buyer, or seasoned investor, we at Holtz Realty will put our 70+ years of experience to work for You.

And that’s our promise!

And you can always contact us by email.

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